Monday, April 16, 2012

The world according to my iPhone

If someone went through the pictures on your phone, what would they learn about you? I have an embarrassing amount of food pictures on my iPhone. If someone went through my phone, they might think I have an eating disorder. Or a food addiction of some sort. Which is still an eating disorder, I guess.

I use my camera phone as a last resort. It's the "Oh crap I forgot my camera and have use my phone" camera. Or sometimes it's the "I really want to take a picture of this but I don't want anyone to know I'm taking a picture of this" camera. Which means between pictures of food, flowers, and ladies reading Diabetes for Dummies at the airport, my phone gives little insight into my world.

Here are the things we've been up to lately, according to my iPhone:

Spring is in full bloom at my house!

I found this purse in Spain and am seriously coveting it. It's a sin to covet something, or may it's just a sin to covet what isn't yours. I should probably buy it so I stop sinning.

Confession, there are a serious amount of pictures of this guy on my phone too. He's just so cute.

Seeing the Kansas City Symphony perform New World Symphony brought back some memories of high school marching band sophomore year. The symphony was much better than our marching band.

It's baseball season! Tensions were high at Saturday night's game. The teams rushed the field twice! Sadly, the Royals went 0-3 their home opening weekend. It's okay. This is our time.

C and I finished off our weekend with our first ever trip to Stroud's! And boy did we eat. We had enough leftovers from our lunch to take home and make a full dinner out of them. Seriously, that cinnamon roll on the right was my favorite part of the whole meal.

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