Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life with a toddler

A 2 and a half year old monster moved into our house today. He immediately pulled every toy out of his toy chest and threw it on the floor. Then he refused to eat his dinner while acting out scenes from Toy Story. After a LONG walk (about a mile), he came home to have a little ice cream, take a bath, and is now sitting on my lap watching Despicable Me on my sister's Kindle Fire. Yes, I'm typing this with him sitting on me. This is life with a toddler. C has no idea what he just got himself into.

I will admit that my initial goal was to just run him around a bunch and wear him out. Unfortunately, I think I'm the one that got worn out. Well played little guy, well played.

Other happenings around here:
1. C had a dinner with his thesis group last night, which meant I had dinner with 10 physicists, a chemist, and the thesis professor's 12-year old daughter. Physicists are exactly as weird an awkward as I thought they were.

2. My grandmother had another break in her hip and after a long weekend at the hospital is now at home with the help of hospice. It's been a long couple of weeks but her spirits are much higher now than they were a few weeks ago, so we just keep praying for her comfort. My mom is amazing and worked really hard this weekend to help get her in a wheelchair and outside some, so she was pretty happy during my visit this afternoon. Prayers are still very much appreciated.

3. I'm traveling back to Spain in a few weeks which mean work is as busy as ever while we prepare for our visit. In addition to work, I'm trying to keep our house picked up and clean so it's not overwhelmingly dirty when I come back from my trip. I'm starting to understand why people hire maids.

4. My nephew is seriously pretty hilarious. As exhausting as it is to chase after and "control" the uncontrollable, he says really funny stuff and his vernacular is impeccable at times. It has been awhile since I've been around toddlers and I'd forgotten how creative they can be.

5. I got to meet a beautiful little girl named Harley Jo today. Isn't that such a cute name?!?! She's the newest addition to my cousin's adorable family of (now) 4, only 2 weeks old. She let me hold her while she slept soundly for probably an hour or so. So peaceful.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School Update!

Since I've seen a million back to school photos on facebook today, I thought it was time for an update. I guess this the signal for the end of summer.

I'm starting  to realize that no matter how much I avoid it, ignore it, or wish it not so, life will always be hectic. I like to say things like "Life has just been crazy busy lately"...but the truth is, life has been crazy busy for the past few years and I don't see that changing.

So that's it, I'm accepting the fact that life is busy. And that's okay. Sometimes weekends aren't busy, so that makes life seem a little less busy for a brief moment.

And let's be real, I don't know how many facebook status updates I've read complaining that people are bored or looking for something to do. I guess I'm just thankful I'm not so bored that I update my facebook status 10 times a day. I was bored enough last night to "reorganize" some of my pinterest boards, but that was in between baking batches of cookies. (I'm super productive, don't you worry).

Here are some things going on in our house right now:
1. My sister has moved in with us. It's an adjustment for all 3 of us, but so far my sister and I have not punched each other, yelled at each other (except last night when she ate one of the cookies I told her not to eat) or locked each other in a room. So I'm figuring that's a success.

2. My grandmother fell and broke her hip 2 weeks ago. It's going to be an extremely long and painful recovery, but she's in a nursing home now and while some days are better than others, we have high hopes for her healing process. Prayers are much appreciated.

3. C and I have had some great weekend trips this summer, including a trip to a friend's wedding in Fort Smith, Arkansas (C's first trip to AR) and a trip to visit some dear friends in Springfield. Photos to come!

4. C and I have cooking club this weekend! It's been about 6 weeks since the last cooking club gathering so we're pretty excited. This will be bittersweet though as this will be the last cooking club for some dear friends of ours that are moving away for about 6 months. While 6 months will go by very quickly, it will still be sad not having them around. Here's hoping we can plan a trip to go visit them!

5. Work continues to pick up for C and myself, including additional travel. It looks like I'll be heading back to Spain probably 2 more times this fall while C has various trips around the US planned. I have no doubt this fall will go by extremely quickly and Christmas will be here before we even realize it!

6. (With any luck) C begins his last year of graduate school next week. We are still hoping he can complete his thesis work in time to graduate next May, which will put him on the 5-year program....only 1 more year than his Undergrad took! I don't think he'll know what to do with himself after that, but I'm sure I can find some projects around the house for him to work on. ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Closing Ceremonies

As I sit here watching the Olympic Closing Ceremonies, I have to admit, I'm ready to move on from the Olympics. They were wonderful, and everything I had hoped they would be. But it seems my Olympic fever is all burnt up. After 2 weeks of non-stop Olympic coverage I am ready to clean my house, do my laundry, and maybe even get to bed before 11:30. These are real life things that aren't being done around my house.

I didn't get to blog about as many "international" meals as I'd hoped but I promise we have been eating a variety of ethnic cuisine in this house as well as some not-so ethnic cuisine. Life is a balancing act.

Check out this homemade French Bread. Congratulations to France and their 34 medals!

We supported Mexico with these taco lettuce wraps found here via Pinterest. True Mexicans love turkey taco wraps, don't worry.  

I hope you all have enjoyed the Olympics as much as we have. Perhaps now that we must experience life sans Olympic coverage, we can use the motivation we gained watching the Olympics to get back into a normal workout routine. Or perhaps we'll just spend our extra time catching up on all the other neglected shows on our DVR. I'm getting a little anxious to know what's happening in Falling Skies. 

What was your favorite Olympic moment? What will you do with your time now that you aren't watching the Olympics?

1. Favorite Olympic Moments: Fab Five wins Gold!, Mo Farah wins 5k and 10k (I know he's not an American, but his races were awesome AND he trains here in the US!), US Women's 4x100m relay take Gold (and break the record by a half a second!)

2. My time fillers: Perhaps it's time to start that wedding album. C and I are coming up on our 2nd anniversary after all.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Pizza

Two years ago, C and I found ourselves at my parents house for a weekend visit during the Winter Olympics 2010. My sister, her husband and their son were living with them at the time so it was a full house. We thought it would be fun to do homemade pizza for dinner, and thus was the start of Olympic Pizza.

2010 Olympic Pizza

This year, C and I decided to recreate Olympic Pizza, and a tradition is born. This is the first tradition C and I have "started" for ourselves, so I'm pretty excited about it. This is going to be a great tradition to experience as our family grows over the years. Feel free to make this your own Olympic tradition, too!

Our Olympic Pizza is made with a premade thin crust by Pillsbury (the refrigerated canned kind). We topped it with a little garlic olive oil, pizza sauce, black olives, bell pepper, leftover diced tomatoes, and turkey pepperoni.

2012 Olympic Pizza