Friday, September 21, 2012

High Five for Friday in Barcelona!

1. I'm writing this from Barcelona! This is my 3rd trip this year and although my site seeing was next to nothing this trip, I did get to do a little window shopping and enjoyed some delicious meals with great views.

2. This week has been extremely productive. We got through everything on our agenda this week and training went very smoothly all things considered. It's so nice leaving here knowing I accomplished what I wanted to.

3. I get to go home tomorrow. This is for reals. I've been here a week and I'm really just ready to go home, eat a salad, and sleep in my own bed next to my husband. In approximately 10 hours I will be in a taxi on my way to the airport. Perhaps I should be packing instead of writing this....

4. The internet is working! My morning started with an alarm going off in the hallway of the hotel and then the internet not working when I logged on to Skype with C. In our Barcelona office, the power goes out when it rains more than 30 minutes at a time. Life is a little crazier here and I learn every day to cherish the small victories.

5. I found Mexican food near our hotel. I didn't eat there tonight, but I now have some fresh restaurant choices and possibly some mexican-like food when I come back at the end of October. That will likely be a 2-week trip so I'm really going to need a lot of options...

What's your high-five for Friday? Be sure to link up with Lauren!

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