Thursday, May 5, 2011

Planning frenzy

The past week has been a whirlwind of internet research in our house. One week ago today, we were convinced we absolutely could not and would not be going to France. Everything was just too expensive and we didn't feel like we could justify that expense when there are so many other things around the house we should spend our money on. However, ultimately our desire to travel and my desire to see my friends won over and by Thursday evening we were actually seriously talking about going. By Friday evening, we had booked flights. Sometimes it feels completely irresponsible and irrational to plan a trip to France on a whim like this, but it's also been very exciting. And I really needed some good planning projects. I've been going through planning withdrawl since the wedding ended.

On the bright side, we have found a hotel to stay at in Paris the first few days of our trip. It's actually a B&B of sorts. We're excited for the opportunity to stay with some locals and be able to interact with them a bit, as well as saving some money over booking a traditional hotel. Yesterday I sent out my passport to have it updated with my married name! Now if we could just get the rest of our trip planned I could spend my time planning my wardrobe instead of researching various transportation and lodging options!

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juliebrunner said...

AHHHHHH! so exciting!! i vote that it's never irrational to go on vacation :)