Monday, June 13, 2011

Baking Therapy

Last week was long. Why does a 5 day week always feel so much longer after a 4-day week? Work has been hectic as a few projects have been coming to a close, or at least I thought they were coming to a close. By the time I left Friday, I was mentally exhausted. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who went to the liquor store and bought some beer to go with our planned taco dinner.

Saturday was my BFF's 26th birthday and we were celebrating with a BBQ in their backyard. This was the perfect night to have some baking therapy and make some sweet treats to bring to Saturday's BBQ.

I knew I wanted to make cupcakes because what's a birthday without some type of cake? I made funfetti vanilla cupcakes with a semi-sweet chocolate buttercream icing. The frosting was my favorite part. I thought the cupcakes turned out looking awesome, but tasted a little dry. I guess I'll just have to keep making cupcakes to perfect the recipe!

I was a little concerned that there wouldn't be enough cupcakes because I had no clue how many people would be at this BBQ, but my friend has a huge family, so I decided I should whip up a batch of cookies too.

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