Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday love

I love Thursdays. Seriously, they are my favorite day of the week. Most people love Fridays, as Rebecca Black has thankfully pointed out for us lately, but I have always loved Thursdays, and here's why:

1. They are full of hope--I mean, tomorrow is Friday afterall, who can't be happy about that?

2. Thursday is the best night on television--Between the comedies on NBC, my sick addiction to Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, and the foodie shows we record, our DVR is on overdrive every Thursday.

3. I play in a volleyball league on Thursday nights--I'm particularly excited about this one because the league starts up again in only 2 weeks!

4. Royal's Opening Day is on a Thursday--Okay, so this reason doesn't always count since opening day is only once a year, but it has been a source of recent excitement for me because Opening Day is NEXT THURSDAY! And I will be there, cheering on relish in the hot dog derby!

Hmmm, maybe I didn't have as many reasons for loving Thursday as I thought. It seems like I used to be able to list more reasons (Thursday has been my favorite day for a long time now), but I can't think of them right now. It doesn't matter, the first 2 reasons are enough for me to continue holding true to my Thursday love.

What's your favorite day of the week?

And because it's difficult to express Thursday love through pictures, I'll leave you with this gem to check out.


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