Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bathroom Remodel

We finally finished the bathroom! Okay, so it wasn't a total remodel, mostly because we didn't have the money or time to truely rip out all the tile like we want to. However, we did repaint it and buy new hardware for the towel bars and curtain rod. I'm loving these little upgrades, especially paired with the new shower curtain.

When we bought the house, this bathroom was a horrible sky blue. This is also the same color our office/junk room is, but we haven't had the energy to even begin painting that room yet. Maybe someday, yes, I'm sure someday we will paint the office. Or, we'll hire someone to do it. Yes, that sounds like a better plan.

This is what our bathroom looked like for the first 14 months we owned this house. Sorry the quality of the picture isn't very good. I took these when we first bought the house, before I ever even thought about blogging about this.

And here's that office we're avoiding:

Back to the bathroom. So in December I finally decided I wanted to paint the bathroom. Given the blue and white tile on the walls, our color options were slightly limited, but I decided I really liked the idea of painting it a gray color. At this point I was determined and excited to paint. I immediately got out the primer and spent the weekend prepping and priming the walls. A very short time later, I lost steam and our bathroom looked like this for the next 4 months.

Finally, fast forward 4 months to the last weekend of March. The winter has been long and I have been couped up inside for a long time. All that time I sat around, I could have been painting our bathroom. And now Spring was upon us and I still hadn't managed to paint the bathroom. Failure. Once again I became determined. Chase and I finally found a new shower curtain (we wanted to make sure we had one that matched our paint sample) and bought the paint.

I should say that technically this still is not completed as I still need to repaint the trim around the window and on the door frame. However, I'm losing steam again so this may take awhile to get around to.

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juliebrunner said...

i LOVE that shower curtain! i can't wait until i have a real house that i can decorate :)