Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Tour of St. Louis Food

It’s been two weeks since my last posting. I would like to have some sort of excuse, like giving up chocolate and coffee put my body into survival mode and I spent the last two weeks using all my effort and energy just to get through the workday and back home at night. But that would be a lie. The lack of coffee has been surprisingly easy, speaking solely from an energy stance. I miss it, that’s for sure. It seems every single item I pick up at the grocery store is either chocolate or coffee flavored these days. I even found myself gazing longingly at items I would never purchase any other day simply because they are part of the heavenly food group-chocolate. 31 Days left until Easter. Wow, this is going to be a long 31 days.

On a much brighter note, I can honestly say I’ve been away from my blogging because we have been very busy the past few weeks. Two weekends ago my husband and I travelled to St. Louis for some much needed R&R. In reality, Chase had to be there Sunday to perform in a concert with the Kansas City Wind Symphony, but Friday night and Saturday were spent relaxing, and mostly eating, with good friends. Somehow we managed to visit 7 different restaurants/bars over the course of Friday evening through Sunday evening. Each was delicious and our only regret is that we didn’t take pictures of all the scrumptious food we ate! So instead, I’ll recap all the places we went with some stock photos from my friend Google Images. Warning: This post contains the word "delicious" more than any post really should. I need more synonymns for delicious.

Deweys: Big shout-out to Mike and Adam for taking us here. This pizza joint had a moderate wait, good service, and excellent pizza and salads. Chase had the walnut salad and I had the Greek Salad (which I didn’t love but I’m completely partial to Panera’s Greek Salad. Seriously, I have dreams about that salad.) Our pizza was delicious though. We couldn’t decide between all the delicious options so we split the pizza half and half-one part Bronx Bomber, one part Edgar Allan Poe.

Fro-Yo: After Dewey’s we headed back to the Delmar Loop for some Fro-Yo. I love ice cream, but even more, I love chocolate ice cream, or ice cream with chocolate candies and toppings mixed in. Fro-Yo had so many delectable looking chocolate flavors and we couldn’t try any of them! I don’t recommend going here during Lent if you have given up chocolate. Yes, my New York Cheesecake flavored Fro-Yo with strawberries on top was satisfactory, but it wasn’t chocolate. In Kansas City we have a number of these “make your own” frozen yogurt places that I’ve been wanting to try. I’ll be waiting until after Lent.

LeGrand’s Market: For lunch Saturday Mike took us to LeGrand’s. He loves this place so much he was giddy with excitement the whole drive. I’m pretty sure he was doing a happy dance in his head the whole morning in anticipation. Once again Chase and I could not decide on just one item, so we each got a different sandwich and shared half with each other. We ordered the Curious Scooter on a hot sub and Edmonds on a cold sub. Both were really good, but since I’m a fan of hot sandwiches, the Curious Scooter was my favorite.

Kobe Steakhouse: Saturday night’s dinner was with a group of my girlfriends from college and a few of their husbands. We went to Kobe Steakhouse in Westport. It’s your typical Japanese Steakhouse with all the typical flare while cooking. The food was average, but my friend was heartbroken when she found out they do not have the “yum-yum” sauce-The mayo based yellow sauce found at most Japanese Steakhouses. The highlight of our night here was definitely the egg shell that got thrown at my face during the “show”.

Katie’s Pizzeria: Sunday afternoon Chase had to be at UMSL for an early rehearsal so I had a chance to meet my lovely friend Abby for lunch. She took me to this charming pizzeria in Clayton that was delicious. We both ordered the lunch special which consisted of the salad of your choice and a personal 7-inch pizza. For my salad I ordered Katie’s Caprese, which made me long for summer on what was a pretty chilly (almost-Spring) day. There was so much mozzarella on the plate that I was getting full before the pizza even came. The bread they brought out when we first sat down may have also contributed to this feeling. Either way, it was all delicious. I didn’t finish my Salami, onion, crushed red pepper, kalamata olives, and fresh mozzarella pizza, but I ate enough to know that it too was delicious. Although, upon a closer look at the menu, I’m starting to wish I had felt brave enough that day to try the Squash blossom, Cherry Tomato, and Goat Cheese pizza. Ever since I saw squash blossoms used on Chopped, I’ve been wanting to try them.

Lion’s Choice: Okay, so this is NOT a gourmet restaurant, or even a fun local eatery. However, my husband loves this place—and we cannot get it in Kansas City—so this is always a must-have for him when we go to St. Louis. With all the other options I just listed above, I do not recommend wasting your time and tastebuds eating fast food in St. Louis.

What's your favorite eatery in St. Louis?


juliebrunner said...

i want to eat all of those things. YUM!

Melissa said...

You should! I am sure that Abby would love to take you to Katie's Pizzeria at least!

Stefanie said...

I love Chopped. Reading this entry made me just turn on Food Network, which is on my 2nd favorite show (DDD), but Chopped is on in 20 minutes!