Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Best Day Ever

The weather is gorgeous today. I honestly think this is the nicest April we've had in a long time. There have been a few storms and a few cooler days but Kansas City has been blessed with some very nice weather the past few weeks.

This morning I was reading that one of the local weathermen said this might be "the best day ever" in terms of weather. Of course I had to go out on my lunch break to check out what all the hype is about. On my lunch-time walk, I learned that the sun is shining (quite brightly), the temperature is a warm 75 degrees, and the breeze is just enough to keep you from getting hot. I also learned that there are about a hundred other things I'd rather be doing than going back to my desk to sit through some Oracle testing all afternoon.

Things I would rather be doing today than working:
1. Riding a bike
2. Going for a nice long run/walk (I'd start out jogging but I just can't run that long so I'd have to walk some of it!)
3. Laying on a blanket in a park
4. Yardwork (yes, I would rather do yard work. I really enjoy seeing the progress that is made)
5. Sitting on the back porch, beer in hand, watching my husband grill
6. Washing my car (it really needs it and today is the perfect day to break out the hose and bucket!)
7. Swinging on a swingset
8. Having a picnic
9. Playing horseshoes (We got a set as a wedding present. I can't wait to have a BBQ this summer to break them out)
10. Flying a kite (hmm, I should find out when the Kansas City Kite Festival is!)

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