Monday, October 3, 2011

Bikes and Burgers: The Inaugural Year

Somehow it is already October. I have no idea how we got this far into 2011, but I feel like a bit of a failure for the things I have not gotten done this year. Is it wrong that our 1-year anniversary is on Sunday and I still don't have a single wedding picture printed, let alone framed anywhere? Really I blame my sister on this one. I requested the prints 8-10 weeks ago at least.

I love October. Like everyone else in the universe, I love the colors and flavors of fall, but I love October especially. I think its because I love candy and this month is full of special Halloween candy! Plus I love the pumpkins and blooming mums. I love the hope associated with the fall season. Everything is starting to die out, but it's still warm enough to get outside and enjoy yourself. You need a jacket in the morning but you can usually ditch it by mid-afternoon. By November, all I see is the cold long winter that lies ahead. I hate winter.

This October, C and I have a lot of fun stuff planned. We kicked our month off with an event my in-laws named "Bike and Burgers". This event started with a 26 mile bike ride and ended with burgers and brats. The weather was gorgeous and the food and fellowship afterwards were just what we needed to refuel from our long ride. I think everyone considered the event a success and my in-laws have decided to make it an annual event. Hopefully next year we can get more people to participate in bike ride portion! We also hope all bikes are functioning next year. Unfortunately my father in law's axle locked up on him in about mile 20 and he had to drag his bike the rest of the way. We eventually sent a van out to "rescue" him.

In other news, C and I are still running...a lot! And I'm still mostly loving it. We ran 6 miles Saturday morning and I felt great. However, it's just taking up so much of my time and energy that I don't feel like I'm getting much else done around the house. After November we'll be back to a normal routine hopefully. C will be glad, he hates running.

What exciting things do you have planned for October?

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