Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Still failing

Remember this post? I'm sorry to say that I have made little to no progress on it since March 4th. It's October 18th. This is a fail. I've updated this list below, and you'll see that the few things that did get crossed off, were mostly because I chose not to do them, not because I completed them.

To be honest, I've thrown away all the to-do lists I had in my purse because I was tired of feeling defeted for still having these items on the list. Most of the unfinished items got put on my "26 before 27" list, no worries.

1. Read my gardening book to start planning my garden-I'm just really excited for spring! (Update: I planted a garden. I didn't really follow what the book told me to do and my crop only yielded about enough to feed us for a few weeks at best. I would have been a terrible farmer).
2. Paint the bathroom-Our front bathroom has been primed since the beginning of December and we haven't even picked a color yet. Pathetic. (Update: This actually got done. See this post)
3. Finish (or start?) our wedding scrapbook-In all fairness, I have started one, I just don't know if I like it. Maybe I'll give it to my parents and make a new one for Chase and I, who knows. (Update: I ended up giving the one I started to my mom as her mother's day gift. I've yet to start one for us. Maybe this winter when I'm couped up inside again).
4. Repot the plant that is on our mantel. This is a plant I took home last year after my uncle's funeral. Somehow I only managed to kill half of it this year so I'm thinking I should repot the other half in hopes that it survives. (Update: I did repot this. And it immediately died. Again, I would be a terrible farmer).
5. Decorate clip boards to store lists on! I know this sounds crazy, but I really like organization and I found this adorable idea to decorate clip boards to assign a place for things like the grocery list. (Update: I think I gave up on this idea. So I guess I can cross it off the list, right?)
6. Schedule Boulevard Brewery Tour. This is something Chase and I have wanted to do for a really long time. Who wants to join? (Update: Still on the list...)
7. Frame wedding posters. We had these awesome movie posters made for our wedding and want to hang a few in our house, but have yet to get them framed. It's only been 5 months, what's the acceptable amount of time for this to take? I figure we haven't printed any wedding pictures yet so we should probably do that before worrying about the poster frames. (Update: This too, is still on the list...)
8. Print wedding pictures-Okay, this one was not actually on any of the lists but number 7 made me feel like I should add it. (Update: This actually can be crossed off as of last night! I finally got copies of a few pictures in the mail last night. Our anniversary was two weekends ago. Is it bad that it took over a year for me a print a single wedding picture?)
*Of course, now that I have those wedding pictures, I have to add framing and hanging them to the list, right? Let's hope this goes better than the wedding poster framing is going.

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