Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas cheer

I'm listening to Christmas music at work these days. We used to have a radio station in KC that played non-stop Christmas music from Halloween (a little early, I know) through New Years and it was amazing. However, that station got bought out last January and now I don't have my Star 102 Christmas. I feel like something is missing.

So I'm listening to Christmas stations on pandora to fill this void. And I'm thinking a lot about baking cookies and decorating the house. But mostly about baking cookies. I've kind of forgotten Thanksgiving is even coming up. My mind has been other places. My mind is on the 13.2 miles I have to run Sunday. After Sunday, I might think about Thanksgiving more. Or maybe since I'm not having a traditional Thanksgiving this year, I'll make some of my thanksgiving favorites for dinner next week.

Or maybe I'll just bake some cookies.


Melissa said...

What is your favorite cookie recipe?

Melissa said...

Chocolate chip is my standby, but I love the peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses at Christmas time. I'm planning to try some new cookie recipes this year though!