Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finished 26 Before 27

A few months ago I posted a picture of my unfinished 26 before 27 list. I have finally finished the list and am ready to share. And I'm proud to say that some things can even be checked off! (No worries, everything being checked off was already on the list prior to completing the activity. No cheating here.)

1. Go to Chicago (check! We went over Thanksgiving. Post coming soon!)
2. Find a church
3. Learn to sew
4. Run a 10k (check!)
5. Cook all the printed recipes in my recipe folder
6. Blog 30 days in a row
7. Read 10 books (I think I'm up to 3 so far)
8. Ride my bike more
9. Bake a pie from scratch
10. Pay off my Graduate School loans (final payment is in December!)
11. Begin half marathon training (check! I even ran the race)
12. Plant a full garden
13. Refinish the landscaping on the side of our house
14. Frame wedding posters
15. Make wedding album
16. Spend the afternoon at a winery (check! I've done this twice so far.)
17. Go someplace new
18. Bake bread from scratch
19. Make homemade ice cream
20. Go on the Boulevard Brewery Tour (scheduled for January)
21. Visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum
22. Take a day off, for no reason
23. Join a group/do more community service (I'm thinking Junior League or Big Brothers/Big Sisters)
24. Watch The Godfather (just something I've never seen but have wanted to)
25. Read a non-fiction book (looking for suggestions)
26. Take one week off from facebook

I have big plans for tackling some of these over the next few months. Winter is long, and cold, so baking and crafting seem like a great way to pass the time.

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