Sunday, November 13, 2011

A successful weekend

So far this weekend....
1. Ran 11 miles. (yes, 11. In one day. In 1 hour and 53 minutes to be exact. Next weekend, 13.1 miles. Woo hoo!)
2. Had lunch with dear friends. (Bonus: lunch was at a "new to us" restaurant)
3. Spent some quality time in the toy aisle at Target (my nephew turns 2 this week!)
4. Replaced my garage door battery (finally!)
5. Visited my grandparents (long overdue)
6. Ordered our Christmas cards (using a Groupon)
7. Watched X-Men 2 (I wasn't a fan of Stryker, that guy is seriously evil)
8. Put flannel sheets on our bed (winter is long, dark, and cold. Flannel sheets are a must)
9. Blogged (obvious, but still an accomplishment)
10. Finished Pride and Prejudice (okay, I have 15 pages left, so technically, I'm going to bed right now to finish it. I'm so excited. This book is seriously good.)

And because C would appreciate a shout-out: he also managed to do some yardwork while I was visiting my grandparents and installed door stops around our house. I think he also managed to get some serious work done on the DVR.

I hope your weekend was as relaxing or productive as you wanted it to be!

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