Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Chicago: I love this city

This year for Thanksgiving, C and I traveled to Milwaukee with his family. We spent a day in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin (which is just outside Milwaukee) and had Thanksgiving dinner at Smyth restaurant in Milwaukee. I was more than a little skeptical about having Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant, but it was delicious. I'm still thinking about the Chestnut Stuffing. O.M.G.

C and I on Thanksgiving Day

The whole gang at Smyth

Friday morning, the 8 of us boarded a train to Chicago for a few days of more delicious food, hotel bar hopping (for some), and shopping. Black Friday in Chicago=insanity. The weather was great, which meant there were people EVERYWHERE. After fighting my way through crowds just to get in the door of H&M, I saw all the people in the store and immediately turned around and walked out. Sometimes it just isn't worth it to wait in line just to try on some clothes that may or (more likely) will not fit. Luckily(?) it rained most of Saturday so the crowds were significantly lighter. Since C isn't a fan of shopping, and I am not a fan of planetariums, we parted ways after a family brunch and enjoyed our days in our own ways.

Just arrived in Chicago. I always look so short around this family.

Chicago is full of tasty treats. Yes, they may be known for pizza, but there are restaurants and bars on every block so your options are really endless. Over the course of the weekend, I don't think we had a meal we didn't like. Here's a rundown:

Friday Lunch: L'Appetito in the bottom level of the John Hancock Center
Friday Dinner: Rosebud on Rush
Saturday Brunch: Frontera Grill (this was my favorite, but I LOVE Mexican food)
Saturday Snack: Truffle Fries at The Rockit (we spent a few hours here watching MU beat kU!)
Saturday Dinner: Lou Malnati's (recommended to me by a friend and definitely did not disappoint)

C and I at the top of the John Hancock Center

Sadly that was all we had time to eat. Even more sadly, I forgot to take pictures of our food to give you a full rundown of it all. Just go to Chicago and eat at these places. You won't be disappointed.


Megan said...

Next time you're there, you and Chase need to have a romantic dinner at Geja's Cafe. Best. Fondue. Ever!

Melissa said...

Thanks Megan! I'll keep this in mind!