Friday, August 19, 2011

No more boring water!

Since I challenged you all yesterday to drink less soda, I was really excited to find this article today! No, we aren't breaking new ground with these ideas, but we all need some reminders of simple options once in awhile.

Here are some ways to make water a little less boring, courtesy of TheKitchn.

1. Limes: Lemons are the norm, but limes are sublime. Simply add a few limes slices to your next pitcher of ice water, along with the freshly-squeezed juice of one lime.

2 Mint: Muddle a little mint in the bottom of your glass or pitcher before adding lots of ice and clear, fresh water.

3 Oranges and Basil: Sliced oranges and basil leaves make a light, citrus-and-herb infused drink. Add a few basil leaves for garnish on each glass for a nice touch.

4 Cucumber: That's it. Just sliced cucumber. They're crisp and cool as - well, you know - making the water seem even more cool and refreshing.

5 Strawberries and Kiwi: This favorite combination is sweeter than the citrus fruits mentioned above. Kiwi slices and strawberry halves make for a pretty drink, too.

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