Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random thursday thoughts

1. It's Thursday! Yup, my favorite day. I have found lately, that I am most motivated on Thursdays. This is the day of the week that I come up with about a gazillion things to do that evening because I somehow think I'm super woman and time will just slow down and let me get these things done. I'm so determined when I leave work. I think it's because I've spent all week not doing much around the house and by Thursday I'm really itching for some productivity and progress. Unfortunately, something usually comes up that takes longer than I anticipated, or traffic kills my mood and by the time I get home, I just want to sit down with a glass of wine and some chocolate and do nothing. Here's hoping tonight's To Do list is successful.

2. Did you see that I used the work "gazillion" up there? I'm pretty excited about it. This isn't usually a word I use. In fact, as Chase will tell you, usually when I'm exaggerating a number, I use the number 12. Yes, 12. I realize this is not a big number, but it's a realistic exaggeration and can be used in most instances effectively. For example, "I'm so hungry I could eat 12 sandwiches." See, everyone knows you won't really eat 12 sandwiches, but it'd be impressive if you could. Unfortunately, once in awhile I forget what I'm talking about and use the number 12 to exaggerate when it actually is a really low number for that topic, and in some cases, an underestimation. Like "I ate 12 olives." I always eat more than 12 olives. Olives are delicious. Anyway, someone at work sent me an email the other day saying "we have a gazillion of these in stock" and I liked it. So now I'm using it. Don't worry, I'm probably not abandoning the number 12 though.

3. Sandwiches. I had a BLT with turkey bacon and tomatoes from my mom's garden for lunch. I love having leftovers from dinner to bring in for lunch. However, I also learned that you should not microwave bacon wrapped in saran wrap. Why is it okay to microwave corn on the cob wrapped in saran wrap but not bacon? Oh well, I just picked off the pieces with melted plastic and ate it anyway.

4. My font is all screwy. Chase was messing with the font and style on my blog for his posting and now it looks different. I don't think I like it. I don't like change.

5. My work team is taking a field trip across the street to Culvers for a little team building time this afternoon and I'm super excited about it. I love ice cream. Knowing this has been on my calendar is what has gotten me through the week. It's also probably going to help motivate me to workout harder tonight. Hopefully.

6. Today is my parents anniversary. They have been married 32 years. Isn't that amazing? They are truly inspiring. Here's wishing you happiness for the next 32 years! 64 years is a long time. Seriously.

7. I don't really have a 7th thought. Apparently there is only room for 6 random thoughts in my brain today. Thinking about Culvers is taking up a lot of space.

*On a special note, blogging was one of my "to do" list items so I can check it off the list! Sorry there's no picture, I'm writing this on my lunch break at work.

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