Friday, September 9, 2011

A Friday List

It's 12:47 and I'm sitting at my desk during my lunch break thinking I should have left work for a bit. I should have spent my lunch hour at Hobby Lobby, or Aldi, or somewhere else that wasnt' at my computer. Since it's too late for that, I thought I would spend the remaining lunch hour blogging!

Things I’m loving right now:
1. Dashboard Confessional-“Age Six Racer (So Long Sweet Summer)” popped up on my shuffle mode this morning and it spoke to my heart. I hate the winter in Kansas City. I’m sure I would hate the winter in Lexington if I lived there too.

2. Green Tea-I think I’m getting a cold. Drinking the green tea just makes me feel healthier.

3. Peace and quiet—Maybe I should work in a library, then I could read all day and get through that big list of books I want to read. Hmm, I don’t think I could handle that “no talking” rule 8 hours a day though. All I know is that my cube mate, my manager, and my director are all out today and work is nice and quiet. Combine that with me listening to Dashboard and drinking my tea, I’m in heaven.

*I think this lady would yell at me if I worked at a library.

4. Missouri Gas and Energy—they were super nice this week and gave us a break on our bill that was extra high due to the recent hot water pipe breaking at our house.

5. Running—Chase and I have been running lately, a lot. I feel pretty good about it so far. Talk to me in about 3 weeks.

Things I’m not loving right now:
1. Mice—we have a little friend at work that keeps leaving us “presents”. At least 6 people have found such presents on their desk but nobody has found the actual mouse yet. Apparently he’s eating something blue because we keep finding teal/blue poop. Gross.

I'm just waiting for the moment I look up and see this:

2. KCP&L—why is our electric bill so high? It just keeps going up, despite our efforts. We use all those special halogen lights, we use natural sunlight as much as possible, and we keep our thermostat at 76 degrees! And yet, it just keeps creeping up. It makes me feel defeated.

Well, back to work. Only 4 more house left and then we're all free for the weekend. Enjoy your weekend. I'm hoping to make some yummy treats this weekend to share with you!

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