Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Harvard Food Plate

A few months ago, I shared the new USDA food plate that replaced the food pyramid. Harvard has recently released their own version of this, offering explanations with each category. For more on this, check out the article I found here.

My personal preference leans towards the Harvard version. While the USDA does have a good website offering a lot of details, insight, recipes, etc for their food plate, I've found that people simply will not do the research. I mean, really, how many of you are actually going to click on that link to read the full article? My guess is that not very many will. You'll skim over the image and move on with your day. And I don't blame you, we are all busy. But given this type of behavior, it's really best to spell things out directly without expecting people to do the research. Plus I'm a HUGE lover of water and appreciate that they have replaced the glass of milk with a glass of water.

All this being said, no model is perfect. Food is delicious and should be enjoyed, in my opinion. I follow the "everything in moderation" rule for the most part. However, I do think this is a great guide to help keep people on track. Feel free to keep some dairy (read as "cheese") in your diet. Cheese is delicious. Just make sure it's the low or reduced fat variety.

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