Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: Water

Today is one of those days when I'm super hungry and the french fries in the cafeteria are calling my name. I'm not answering. Take that french fries.

It's 12:45 and I've already eat my way through a bowl of Special K, a banana, Yoplait Light, 2 (maybe 3) shortbread cookies, and my Healthy Choice lunch steamer. Honestly, other than those cookies, it's a pretty normal day for me. C is amazed by how much I eat all day long. I guess I have a good metabolism.

I drink a lot of water. Do you remember how it was on My Favorite Things list? It's there, all the way at the bottom. I was reading an article about the health benefits of water this morning, and apparently it speeds up your metabolism. You can check this site for a more "scientific" explanation of why and how this works, but in theory, yes, water speeds up your metabolism. So maybe that's why I eat so much.

Plus, water has all those other great benefits too. Like keeping you hydrated and alive. Seriously, check out that link. You could be in real trouble if you had to go even one day without water, and could be dead in less than a week depending on climate. This is serious stuff.

Doesn't that look refreshing? Another benefit of water? It's cheap. Think of the money and calories you'll save from not buying soda? And if you don't like your tap water (I can't stand ours), get a Brita filter. They're on sale this week at Target. We love our Brita filter (except when C doesn't refill it) and it's better for the environment than bottled water. For the record, we do keep some bottled water on hand to throw in the car when we're taking trips, biking, etc. But we never drink it at home.

So make water your drink of choice. And throw some green tea in there too. It'll make you feel healthy, even if you aren't really getting much from it.

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